Biophysics Seminar - Joseph d'Alessandro (Institut Jacques-Monod)

ENS-ESPCI Biophysics Seminar
Vendredi 1 octobre 2021 Vendredi 1 octobre 2021
De 13h à 14h

46 Rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

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Our next Biophysics Seminar will take place on Friday 01 October 2021, 1pm, at ENS Biology Department, Salle Favard, in a hybrid format with live streaming through zoom (see link below). We are glad to welcome Joseph d’Alessandro (Institut Jacques-Monod).

Local cell-cell interactions and large-scale coordination in moving cell groups.

In living tissues, cells exhibit various degrees of mobility and coordination of their movements. These motions are powered by the self-propulsion of individual cells, which also interact with their neighbours and their environment. In particular, the physical contacts between cells are known to mediate the transmission of information, which is further processed to alter the dynamics – e.g. speed, direction – of their motion. With a physicist’s view, a cell colony could thus be viewed as a collection of polar active particles with interactions between their positions – forces – and their polaritiesakin to spin interactions. Yet, the actual validity of this view and its detailed features still remain elusive. In this talk, I will show how one can make use of micropatterned adhesive tracks to bridge the scales in that matter. Indeed, by following epithelial cells on such tracks we could characterise both the properties of collective motion and the cell-cell pair interactions. Including our observations into a lowest-order particle-based model allowed us to explain how local interactions that apparently favour disorder may not prevent large-scale order in particular situations. I will then discuss the possibilities offered by this set-up to a finer understanding of the cell-cell interactions.

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Organizers: Antonio Costa, Philippe Marcq and Raphael Jeanneret

Vendredi 1 octobre 2021

ENS-ESPCI Biophysics Seminar

This weekly seminar aims at gathering researchers from different fields (physicists, chemists and biologists) and from different institutes in central Paris. The objective is to cover a broad interface between physics, chemistry and biology, including experimental, numerical and/or theoretical approaches. To describe life sciences all scales are needed, from single molecules, to cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and populations. The scope of our seminar encompasses embryonic development, genetic regulation, evolution, neuroscience, biomechanics and cell migration, immunology, microbiology, synthetic biology, etc.