Frederic PINCET

Membrane biophysics
Department of Physics
, updated on
14 November 2021
1er étage, bureau GH107
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
01 44 322502

I am trained as a physicist and I study membrane molecular mechanisms involved in biological/physiological processes.

Field of research

The team conducts research at the Physical/Biological interface, aiming to describe fundamental biological phenomena in a quantitative and predictive manner. Its main themes are interactions, dynamics and membrane rearrangements at the origin of cell adhesion and membrane fusion in neurotransmission and fertilization. We characterize the intermediate states of these processes in terms of energy, structure, molecular organization and membrane dynamics, by combining advanced physical approaches and tools (quantification of molecular bonds and membrane adhesion by micromanipulation of individual objects, quantitative imaging, microfluidics, biochemistry, cell biology and by developing biomimetic models inspired by the physics of soft matter.


20 publications des 10 dernières années

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