QBio Objectives

, updated on
21 September 2021
Unsplash - Louis Reed

The main activity of QBio is basic research, but the center will have a strong translational, application and innovation potential in biomedicine, with the discovery and development of new methods of interrogation and manipulation of living organisms, analysis of large databases, new experimental techniques and approaches to complex systems. 

Basic research

The program will initially be structured around four scientific axes:

  • Neuroscience: from the molecular scale to the brain and its (dys-)functions, the objective is to understand human and animal behavior and to discover the neural bases of learning, cognition and memory.
  • Quantitative immunology: the objective is to characterize its diversity and predict its responses to fundamental issues and medical applications, particularly personalized medicine
  • Developmental biology: in this field, the goal is to unveil the fundamental mechanisms of embryogenesis, organ and tissue formation and regeneration and to develop new active materials 
  • Biological Big Data: this component concerns evolution, human and animal behavior, omics, high throughput, genomics, genetics

Teaching program 

In parallel, a teaching program will welcome the best international students, with a broad background in biology, natural sciences, computer sciences and mathematics.