University professor
(Bio)-Molecular Electrochemistry
Department of Chemistry
, updated on
17 December 2021
RC, bureau E010
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
01 44 322433

As an electrochemist, my research activity focuses on making electrochemistry an analytical tool to quantify compounds of interest engaged in multistep transformations (metabolism, catalytic sequence,…) and identify its interactions with biological barriers (lipid membranes). Within this topic, we develop systems and methods aimed at electrochemically controlling light emission, a starting point to image these interactions.

Field of research

I am engaged in a central topic dealing with the electrochemical determination of the reaction steps involved in metabolic or catalytic cascades. Ferrocifens, which are cytotoxic and therefore relevant candidates for cancer treatment are representative examples of molecules we have studied and for which we have fully deciphered the oxidative metabolism.

I am also interested in the general topic of molecule/drug distribution, through the passage of ferrocifens across model systems composed of lipid bilayers supported on planar electrodes or suspended at the tip of a patch clamp pipette.

Recently, our research strategy has been directed towards the electrochemical activation/deactivation of fluorescent probes. Actually, fluorescence is far more sensitive than amperometry to detect and image these probes in the medium of interest (i.e. lipid bilayers) and electrochemical command of fluorescence allows to fix the redox status of the probes and finally control the location (electrode vicinity) and the redox state of the fluorescent probes.


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