INRAE researcher, group leader
Host-pathogen interactions, microbiology, molecular cell biology, functional genomics, infection
Department of Biology
, updated on
15 January 2022
Institut de biologie de l’ENS (IBENS)
2ème étage, bureau 218
46, rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05
01 44 323462

Research in my team explores the dynamics of Listeria monocytogenes intracellular lifestyles and of the molecular dialogue engaged with its host cell. One of our main focusses is understanding the mechanisms of gene expression regulation in infected cells and their consequences.

Field of research

The onset cell infection by a bacterial pathogen such as Listeria monocytogenes constitutes a remarkable example of dynamic phenomena in biology, where both the host cell and pathogen respond to each-other in a series of attacks and responses referred-to as a molecular crosstalk. Our research is dedicated to the study of this dynamics across time and space.

Our first aim is to explore the post-transcriptional mechanisms affecting host gene expression during infection by Listeria monocytogenes, with three main biological questions in mind: (i) what is the impact of infection on cellular RNA maturation, stability and translation? (ii) what are the bacterial or host molecular mechanisms involved in these processes? (iii) what are the pathological consequences?

Our second aim is the characterisation of a novel replicative niche for Listeria that we have uncovered inside epithelial cell vacuoles. To study the mechanisms of the formation and maintenance of these compartments and their consequences on the host-bacterium equilibrium, we develop live cell microscopy approaches intending at a quantitative monitoring of the bacteria and of their secreted virulence factors, in tight transdisciplinary collaborations with chemists and biophysicists.


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