External Seminar - Virginie van Wassenhove (CEA, INSERM, Université Paris-Saclay)

Fresk Monday Seminars - QBio
Monday 9 January 2023 Monday 9 January 2023
Fresk Building - QBio Wing

48.831732, 2.280993

We are happy to announce the first FRESK Monday Seminar of 2023! We will have the pleasure to welcome Virginie van Wassenhove (CEA, INSERM, Université Paris-Saclay), who will give a talk with title "Making sense of time in the human brain~mind - some non-clocking roles of neural oscillations in temporal cognition


Temporal cognition refers to a diversity of psychological phenomena ranging from the
individuation and ordering of events to the feeling that time passes (rate), that things exist for a
while (duration), and that we can abstract ourselves away from the physical arrow of time (aging)
by representing it (mental time travel and metacognition). I will discuss (un)published work
illustrating functional mechanisms and alternative views to the enduring internal clock in the
endogenous generation of abstract and intelligible representations of temporalities in the (human)

Monday 9 January 2023