Chargée de mission pour la coordination des projets de recherche
Cognitive Studies
reinforcement learning, decision-making, cognitive psychology, neuroeconomics
Department of Cognitive Studies
, updated on
11 January 2022
Laboratoire de neurosciences cognitives et computationnelles
1er étage, bureau C205A
29, rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05
01 44 322683

Field of research

My goal is understanding how humans learn to make decisions at the behavioral, computational and neural levels. I am mainly (but not only!) interested in situations when decisions are based on past experience (a.k.a., reinforcement learning) . My modus operandi consists in modifying reinforcement learning models, so that they can account for human behavior (in other terms, although my work involves  building and testing formal models, I still define myself as an experimentalist). In the last few years I mainly investigated two  research hypotheses concerning human reinforcement learning: 1. value is learned in a relative scale; 2. value is learned in a biased manner.  In addition to extending the "relative value" and the "learning bias" frameworks, new lines of research in my team investigate  social learning and the experience/description gap. In my spare time, I enjoy questioning the epistemological and methodological foundations of decision-making research and neuroeconomics.