Support the QBio project

, updated on
22 September 2021

Whether you are an individual or represent a company or a foundation, to make a donation to the QBio project, you can do so online on the ENS-PSL Foundation website.

Get involved in a groundbreaking European scientific project

QBio is a training and research center in quantitative life sciences. The goals of QBio are to:

  • Combine life sciences, cognitive and other natural sciences, and mathematics and computer sciences
  • Develop research at the forefront of the digital revolution, through data modeling and understanding
  • Provide innovative research-based training through student access to the Qlab
  • Bringing together all research staff and students in a new dedicated building at the heart of the ENS-PSL ecosystem

Why support the QBio project?

By supporting QBio, you will participate in the construction of a groundbreaking scientific project that will have a significant impact for decades to come. You participate in :

  • the creation of a European vision and approach to health data management,
  • an attractive pole for international talent,
  • the training of the next generation of researchers,
  • the first steps towards individualized predictive medicine, the improvement of applications in agronomy and environmental sciences.
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