The QBio centre at the PariSanté Campus

, updated on
27 September 2021
PariSanté Campus

The QBio center will be located at the heart of the PariSanté Campus, on the site of the Val-de-Grâce. As a research and innovation campus in digital health, it will pool skills and expertise and provide the community with databases and equipment.

Bringing together public players and private partners, this campus will make it possible to meet the needs of all players in the health sector, such as support for the development of entrepreneurial projects, training, and the provision of tools for innovation and experimentation. A one-stop shop to direct requests will be the entry point.


PariSanté Campus aims to structure and federate a digital health sector of worldwide influence, open to partnerships in the Ile-de-France region, nationally and internationally. It is positioned to serve the development of the French digital health sector, while integrating the ethical dimension and openness to society.

PariSanté Campus is based on a continuum ranging from training to value creation. It relies primarily on five major public operators present on the site: Inserm, which will set up its headquarters there, PSL University, Inria, the Health Data Hub and the Agence du Numérique en Santé. 

These players will work together with private partners in research, innovation and transfer to make the medicine of the future a reality.

PariSanté Campus


The mission of this project is to attract public and private investment to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in the service of health for all. It aims to build a world-class training, research and innovation space on the theme of digital health around four key objectives

  • Stimulate the production and exploitation of health data for research and innovation;
  • To support training of excellence in digital health and the creation of expertise pools;
  • Develop applications with a strong economic impact, creating businesses and jobs;
  • Improve medical management strategies and the efficiency of the healthcare system in the permanent interest of the patient.

Aware of the societal issues at stake, it will debate the sciences and technologies of digital health and will focus on the ethical issues related to this scientific field. PariSanté Campus will thus make it possible to consider the social potential of digital innovation in health.

A project bringing together 5 players 

Five major players united to create a unique digital health strike force

The PariSanté Campus players, both public and private, are driven by a common ambition: to bring together their skills and expertise to create a unique strike force in the field of digital health, and thus make the most of health data. The program's stakeholders are both public players with a long history of involvement in health data research and development (Inserm, PSL University, Inria), and more recent operators who are working to promote the massive development of digital health applications (the Health Data Hub and the Agence du Numérique en Santé). Private players bring their dynamism and their ability to innovate in line with business models that are undergoing major transformation.

State-of-the-art infrastructure 

The campus will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure and will be open to all players in a broad ecosystem involving research organizations, hospitals and other Parisian universities, 

PariSanté Campus is home to an international conference center where researchers from around the world can meet and share the results of their research. A business hotel and a start-up incubator will house companies wishing to benefit from this environment.