The organization

, updated on
5 October 2021

The QBio program aims to federate and strengthen interactions between different disciplines in order to train and host future leaders and discoverers in life sciences. It relies on the contributions of several scientific departments of the ENS-PSL.

Two steering committees have been set up, one scientific and the other focused on training, which works in close contact with the ENS-PSL departments of studies.


  • Massimo Vergassola (Physics)

International Scientific Committee

  • Chairman: James Rothman, Yale 
  • Curtis Callan (Princeton)
  • Eileen Furlong (EMBL)
  • Philip Maini (Oxford)
  • Thomas Lecuit (Collège de France)
  • Eve Marder (Brandeis)
  • Boris Shraiman (UCSB)

Scientific Steering Committee 

  • Jean-Marc Berroir (Director of the Physics Department);
  • Anne Boutin (Director of the Chemistry Department);
  • Vincent Hakim (Physics);
  • Ludovic Jullien (Chemistry);
  • Hélène Morlon (Biology);
  • Pierre Paoletti (Director of the Biology Department);
  • Pascal Mamassian (Department of Cognitive Studies);
  • Srdjan Ostojic (Department of Cognitive Studies);
  • Sharon Peperkamp (Director of the Cognitive Studies Department);
  • Antoine Triller (Biology); Aleksandra Walczak (Physics).

Training Steering Committee

  • Jean-François Allemand (Physics);
  • Patrick Charnay (Biology);
  • Zoher Gueroui (Chemistry);
  • Terence Strick (Biology);
  • Alex Cayco Gajic (Cognitive Studies Department).