Olivier BURIEZ

Research Director
(Bio)-Molecular Electrochemistry
Université PSL
Department of Chemistry
, updated on
17 December 2021
RC, bureau E010
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
01 44 323262

As a (Bio)Molecular Electrochemist, my research activity is based on the electron transfer induced molecular activation. This approach consists in using electrochemistry as a tool to detect, control and analyze the dynamics of (bio)molecules involved in reaction and chemical interaction networks. To achieve this goal, molecular and instrumental tools are developed to monitor responses in real time and at multiple scales.

Field of research

Electron transfer induced molecular activation has been applied to a variety of topics involving molecules with therapeutically important properties. Among the most outstanding works performed so far, we can mention: 1) Development of original analytical tools combining electrochemistry with physiological and fluorescence techniques in order to better understand the transmembrane passage of biomolecules; 2) Elucidation of mechanisms involved in the oxidative metabolism of new organometallic complexes possessing anti-cancer properties; 3) Electrosynthesis of molecules having a biological activity against malaria.

In the last few years, my research activity has focused on the development of molecular and instrumental tools for the study of the transmembrane passage of biomolecules, a major issue that drives the success of many innovative pharmaceutical strategies. Within this framework, I am interested in the development (i) of biocompatible redox-responsive fluorescent probes and (ii) of new methodologies based on electrochemiluminescence (ECL).


(Bio)-Molecular and Instrumental Tools / Luminescence

- Dynamic Electrochemiluminescence Imaging of Single Giant Liposomes Opening at Polarized Electrodes

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- Redox switchable rhodamine-ferrocene dyad: exploring imaging possibilities in cells.

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Mechanistic and Synthetic Aspects:

- Disclosing the redox metabolism of drugs: The essential role of electrochemistry.

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 2020, 24, 63-68 – O. Buriez, E. Labbé.

- Fundamental Input of Analytical Electrochemistry in the Determination of Intermediates and Reaction Mechanisms in Electrosynthetic Processes.

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- Deciphering the Activation Sequence of Ferrociphenol Anticancer Drug Candidates.

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- Aminocyclopropanes as precursors of endoperoxides with potential antimalarial activity: synthesis and biological evaluation.

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