Maître de Conférences Hors Classe - HDR – IUF Junior
Exocytosis, Photosynthesis, Analytical coupling, Bioelectrochemistry, Evanescent wave, Fluorescence, Dual electrofluorescent probes, Bioenergetics
Department of Chemistry
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14 November 2021
1er étage, bureau E154
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
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A physical chemist by training, I completed a doctorate in Paris 6, in 2005, on the physicochemistry of exocytosis and the effects of nitric oxide on neurovascular coupling (bioelectrochemistry). I then studied the electrochemical properties of 2D arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes as a post-doc in England (Warwick University). I have been a lecturer at Sorbonne University since 2006 and work on analytical electrochemistry-fluorescence coupling to follow cell secretion at the single cell level and on the production of bioelectricity from photosynthesis (bioenergetics).

Field of research

My first project is based on the fusion and coupling of electrochemical techniques and fluorescence techniques in order to provide a better characterization of the dynamic processes linked to the internalization and release of biomolecules. We provide an integrated approach in which the search for quantitative and time-resolved information on transport drives both the design of adequate redox fluorescent probes and the design of appropriate collection configurations and methodologies.

A second project is devoted to electrochemical assisted derivation of electrons in photosynthesis. It aims in particular to maintain the efficiency of photosynthesis under relatively high light conditions by means of electrochemical techniques for analytical and preparative purposes. One strategy therefore consists in working with intact biological systems such as algae and in rerouting the overflow of electrons in the form of a photocurrent capable of functioning thanks to the use of a collecting electrode / redox mediator tandem.


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