Research Director
Chef d’équipe, DR inserm
Neuroscience, Neural circuit dynamics and behaviour
Department of Biology
, updated on
14 November 2021
8ème étage, bureau 818A
46, rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05
01 44 322367

I study the spontaneous neural circuit dynamics and behaviour using the zebrafish and the astyanax larvae

Field of research

Aiming to unravel how the nervous system processes cognitive functions and controls animal behaviour, the laboratory uses the zebrafish and the astyanax larvae as the experimental models and a multidisciplinary approach, including two-photon calcium imaging and light-sheet microscopy (SPIM) to monitor the dynamics of large neuronal networks and even the whole brain, behavioural essays, optogenetics to monitor and manipulate the activity of specific neurons or entire circuits, and mathematical methods for the analysis of high-dimensional large datasets. It is the combination of disciplines, and the use of an intact behaving animal model that enables deciphering complex neuroethological questions such as perception of time, decision making, sensory perception, and the functional role of the brain's intrinsic dynamics.


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