University professor
Bioelectrochemistry, Ultramicroelectrodes, Fluorescence, Vesicular Exocytosis, Photosynthesis, Bioelectricity
Department of Chemistry
, updated on
14 November 2021
1er étage, bureau E154
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
01 44 323641

As an electrochemist, I am interested in using electrochemical concepts to understand and take benefits from biological targets (vesicular exocytosis, bioelectricity from photosynthesis).

Field of research

My research activities are mainly devoted to the field of bioelectrochemistry, i.e. the applications of electrochemical concepts to the understanding of biological targets.

For instance, we implemented combined analyses to investigate the neurotransmitter release by vesicular exocytosis at the single cell level. Such a methodological work combines electroanalysis and fluorescence recording in order to monitor exocytotic events from the intracellular vesicular motions to the release of their content in the extracellular medium.

A second scientific purpose is related to the use of photosynthesis to produce bioelectricity.

Involved in the Labex DYNAMO consortium (hosted by IBPC), we divert the photo-induced electron flow within suspensions of microalgae. We are currently focusing our investigations on a strategy involving redox mediators as electron carriers from the photosynthetic chain to the collecting electrode.


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