Christophe TRIBET

Research Director
Protein stability, Biomembrane & responsive liposomes, Switchable polymer coatings
Université PSL
Department of Chemistry
, updated on
10 January 2022
1er étage, bureau E152
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
01 44 322403

Based on a core expertise in physical chemistry of polymers, surfactants, and soft matter science, I explore the design of stimuli-responsive (macro)molecular tools 1) in biochemistry and 2) in cell biology in tight collaboration with biologists.

Field of research

In collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, we study the stabilization of proteins in solution and in fluid polymer phases. Amphiphilic copolymers, including polyelectrolytes, are designed to bind to target proteins, and  enhance their colloidal stability, and/or help refolding. We investigate the physical chemistry of protein aggregation and protein:polymer complexes.

We design stimuli-responsive polymers to explore  dynamic switches (based on light, temperature or redox potential) on the surface biomembranes, including liposomes capsules and living cell membranes. Polymers studied with E. Marie,  enable to prepare functional adlayers onto substrates and micropatterns to control soft adhesion, polarisation, migration of cells. With B. Miroux (IBPC), we develop the bacterial biosynthesis of polypeptide-coated responsive liposomes. One objective is to form and control artificial compartments in bacteria mutants expressing ad hoc (genetically encoded) sets of chimeric proteins.


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