Journée d'étude

Qlife Quantitative Biology Winter School : Quantitative Viral Dynamics Across Scales

Lundi 21 mars 2022 Vendredi 25 mars 2022
De 8.30h à 18.30h

46 Rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

48.8420849, 2.3417847

Viral infections transform the fate of cells, organisms, populations, and ecosystems. The global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has revealed how rapidly an emerging viral disease can spread within hosts and between individuals in a connected population, with devastating consequences. In response, quantitative modelling has become a key component of response efforts : shaping the rationale for non-pharmaceutical interventions, helping to structure and implement novel mitigation strategies, and providing a glimpse of how immunity, transmission, and evolution converge in shaping a potential transition to post-pandemic dynamics.

This course will bring thought leaders in dialogue with the next generation of early career scientists to advance the integrative study of quantitative viral dynamics across scales. It will intentionally focus on organizing principles of multi-scale dynamics spanning both epidemiology (primarily the dynamics of viral infections in humans) and ecology (primarily the dynamics of viral infections in bacteria). The workshop will provide the conceptual basis for understanding viral impacts across scales, quantitative methods for analysing within and between host spread, and computational toolkits to integrate robust quantitative methods into research practice. For the digital practical (every afternoon), the students will participate in either the ecology or epidemic series.

More information on the website of the school.

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