Mohyeddine OMRANE

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biophysics
Department of Physics
, updated on
6 December 2021

Pharmacist holding a PhD degree in Molecular and cellular Biology worked in several labs, including crystallography, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, virology, cancerology, and currently in biophysics laboratory.

Field of research

The hallmark of my scientific activity is studding the molecular interaction of protein/lipids and its role in the intracellular organelle’s regulation, formation and degradation especially Golgi and lipid droplets. In addition to studding the impact of this interaction on the cytoskeleton regulation and cellular process such as the intracellular transport, establishment of cell polarity and lipophagy.


Triacylglycerols sequester monotopic membrane proteins to lipid droplets

Caillon L, Nieto V, Gehan P, Omrane M, Rodriguez N, Monticelli L, Thiam AR. Nature Communications 11, no. 1 (7 August 2020): 3944. PMID: 32769983

Membrane Curvature Catalyzes Lipid Droplet Assembly

Santinho A, Salo VT, Chorlay A, Li S, Zhou X, Omrane M, Ikonen E, Thiam AR. Current Biology 30, no. 13 (6 July 2020): 2481-2494.e6. PMID: 32442467

Membrane Asymmetry Imposes Directionality on Lipid Droplet Emergence From the ER

Chorlay A, Monticelli L, Veríssimo Ferreira J, Ben M'barek K, Ajjaji D, Wang S, Johnson E, Beck R, Omrane M, Beller M, Carvalho P, Thiam AR.

 Developmental Cell 0, no. 0 (30 May 2019). PMID: 31155466

Septin 9 Has Two Polybasic Domains Critical to Septin Filament Assembly and Golgi Integrity

Omrane M, Camara AS, Taveneau C, Benzoubir N, Tubiana T, Yu J, Guérois R, Samuel D, Goud B, Poüs C, Bressanelli S, Garratt RC, Thiam AR, Gassama-Diagne A. IScience 13 (29 March 2019): 138–53.  PMID: 30831549

Septin 9 Induces Lipid Droplets Growth by a phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate and Microtubule-Dependent Mechanism Hijacked by HCV

Akil A*, Peng J*, Omrane M*, Gondeau C, Desterke C, Marin M, Tronchère H, Taveneau C, Sar S, Briolotti P, Benjelloun S, Benjouad A, Maurel P, Thiers V, Bressanelli S, Samuel D, Bréchot C, Gassama-Diagne A. Nature Communications 7 (15 July 2016): 12203. PMID: 27417143 .