Research Director
biodiversity modeling, phylogenetics, macroecology, macroevolution, biogeography
Department of Biology
, updated on
11 January 2022
6ème étage, bureau 607b
46, rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05
01 44 323535

As a biodiversity mathematician, I study the diversification of life using present-day data

Field of research

My research team is interested in understanding the ecological and evolutionary processes that gave rise to biological diversity as we see it around us today. We aim to reconstruct past variations in biodiversity from present-day data, and to assess how past environnemental changes influenced the diversification of life. We combine approaches from mathematics, bioinformatics and statistics with global scale data compilation to tackle questions ranging from macroecology and macroevolution to community assembly, biogeography, and conservation. Two key components of our research are stochastic processes and molecular phylogenies, which we use too study speciation, extinction, dispersal, phenotypic evolution and community assembly. We work closely with mathematicians, phylogeneticists, and é-field ecologists.


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