Séminaire - David Gfeller (Université de Lausanne)

Mardi 18 juin 2024 Mardi 18 juin 2024
Cuisine du LCQB (Campus Jussieu, bâtiment C, 4ème étage)

David Gfeller, de l'université de Lausanne, viendra donner une conférence ayant pour titre "Predictions of TCR-epitope interactions reveal TCR signatures predictive of COVID-19 status"

T cells have the ability to eliminate infected and cancer cells and play an essential role in cancer immunotherapy. T cell activation is elicited by the binding of the T cell receptor (TCR) to epitopes displayed on MHC molecules, and the TCR specificity is determined by the sequence of its α and β chains. Here, we collect and curate a dataset of 17,715 αβTCRs interacting with dozens of class I and class II epitopes. We use this curated data to develop MixTCRpred, an epitope-specific TCR-epitope interaction predictor. MixTCRpred accurately predicts TCRs recognizing several viral and cancer epitopes. MixTCRpred further provides a useful quality control tool for multiplexed single-cell TCR sequencing assays of epitope-specific T cells and pinpoints a substantial fraction of putative contaminants in public databases. Analysis of epitope-specific dual α T cells demonstrates that MixTCRpred can identify α chains mediating epitope recognition. Applying MixTCRpred to TCR repertoires from COVID-19 patients reveals enrichment of clonotypes predicted to bind an immunodominant SARS-CoV-2 epitope. Overall, MixTCRpred provides a robust tool to predict TCRs interacting with specific epitopes and interpret TCR-sequencing data from both bulk and epitope-specific T cells. 

Mardi 18 juin 2024