Ingénieur de recherche
Research Engineer in Molecular Biology
Cognitive Studies
Molecular Neuroscience, Protein Engineering, neuropharmacology, modelling and molecular dynamics in silico
Department of Biology
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10 January 2022
9ème étage, bureau 905
46, rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05
01 44 323892

As a Molecular Biologist my work focuses on the analysis of structural, functional and evolution of molecular neurotransmission in the framework of a quantitative neuropharmacology project.

Field of research

The activity of neurotransmitter receptors constitute a key element of neurotransmission and thus of the function of Eumetazoans nervous systems (humans included). Since 2007 I work to decipher the molecular (atomic) mechanism of glutamate receptors (iGluRs); glutamate being the most widespread neurotransmitter in the brain of vertebrates.

The continuous inflation of genomic data and the on-going structural revolution (SP-cryoEM, Alphafold) are pushing the field of molecular and structural biology to evolve as a major component of modern quantitative biology. In this dynamic scientific context I am developing an investigation methodology of neurotransmission combining experimental tests (biochemistry, pharmacology, cellular electrophysiology) with a computational approach (modelling and molecular dynamics). We are now able to explore the function and pharmacology of humans orphans receptors up to all Eumetazoans homologs.

Since 2019 I am coordinating a project of quantitative neuropharmacology integrating evolutionary, mechanistic and pharmacological data. On one side, our study of orphan iGluRs revealed the existence of new forms of transmission in the brain of vertebrates (Stroebel et al. Neuropharmacology. 2021). On the other side it is now possible to map the usage of iGluR-dependant neurotransmission in the living kingdom (Stroebel & Paoletti. J. Physiol. 2021). We begin to foresee how specific genetic and molecular constraints in the receptor repertoire of our first neural ancestors (more than 600 Mya) shaped the present organisation of our nervous systems.


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