Abdou Rachid THIAM

Chair of the Biophysics Axe of the Physics Department of ENS Paris
Biophysics and cell biology of lipids/membranes/organelles
Department of Physics
, updated on
3 January 2022
Laboratoire de physique de l’ENS (LPENS)
1er étage, bureau L063
24, rue Lhomond 75231 Paris cedex 05
01 44 322578

Physicist by training, addressing biological questions with both reconstitution and cell biological assays.

Field of research

I am broadly interested in the structure and function of organelles. One of my focus these past five years has been the cell biology and biophysics of lipid droplets and the endoplasmic reticulum bilayer. My team develops in vitro tools that sufficiently recapitulate structural and functional aspects of membranes, allowing us to study how neutral lipids, phospholipids, and proteins partition between the organelles of focus. These tools will rapidly depict the minimal ingredients involved in the biological processes of interest; they can be subsequently modulated in a cellular context to test for their relevance. Such a strategy allows my team to efficiently reveal mechanisms regulating lipid and membrane biology and understand mentalism and non-metabolism-related disorders.


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